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The camping supplies hot water ( 24h a day ) electricity and illumination in its whole area. It provides a grocery, modern and clean sanitation establishments, washing machines, Wi-Fi, shared sinks and refrigerators.



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Beside the trailers we offer hospitality, we also have trailers to let. Our trailers are big, comfortable enough for you, your family, and your friends, too. They are with all necessities equipped to cover all your domestic needs (refrigerator, kitchen, all kitchen small – objects, that are needed, air condition, Wi-Fi.)



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Our camping disposes rooms to let with air – conditioning and bathrooms ( hot water 24h a day ) such as meets all the domestic wants of campers ( refrigerator, kitchen and all kitchen – small objects, that will be needed. Wi-Fi)


Mobile houses

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In our Camping there are 4 modern mobile houses where there is a separate bedroom with one double bed, 2 single beds (bunk, a small sofa, bathroom with hot water the al day, air condititon, tv and free Wi-Fi.

Outside there is a big balcony where there is a full equipment kitchen and a big fridgerator.


The Camping Kalamitsi is situated on the middle peninsula of Chalkidiki, also known as Sithonia. The distance from Sikia is 6 km and from Thessaloniki 140 km.

(distance covered by state buses – KTEL)

Is it situated on a charming landscape by a small picturesque port. If you’d like to have carefree vacations in a friendly, family surrounding, visit us at an evergreen area just 60m. away from the sea.

 Next to the beautiful beach of Kalamitsi exists a rocky and isolated bay, where a nudist – beach is situated and which you are free to visit.

 Among the sightseeings that Sithonia offers, are the antique city, the castle, the church of St. Athanasios in Toroni, the windmills in Sikia and the church of the 16th century in Nikiti.

 Daily are boat trips round the holy mountain (Agion Oros)  are offered.