Time in Greece is according to GMT +2.

Climate is Mediterranean with summer temperatures from 22c to 40c and sea temperature 22c to 26c in surface.
Spring is from March - May, Summer is from June - August, Autumn is from September - November, Winter is from December –February

The official language is Greek.
Greece is a cosmopolitan European country with millions of tourist visitors each year. So you should have no trouble communicating.

Power supply
Power supply in Greece is 220 volts with 2-pin wall sockets.
For any European country which uses 240 volts, for example UK and Ireland, most electrical devices will operate normally. If you plan to use UKs electrical connectors, you will need an electric plug adapter, which will convert the standard 3-pin plug to this 2-pin. For USA devices, where the power supply is 110 volts, you will need a transformer which will reduce the voltage up to 110 volts. Perhaps there is a fault in your 110 volts electrical device, if you try to use it in the power supply of 220 volts.

Phone calls
To dial a number in Greece from a country outside of Greece you should first enter the 0030 and then the desired number.
Fixed phones start with the number (2) and the cell phones (69).

The number 112 is the European emergency number

Greece uses the Euro as its currency.